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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 27, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EDT

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next system with rain and even some snow arrives tomorrow afternoon. who gets what, plus how much will fall. shelley: and the impending storm now has state road crews preparing. what is being done right now to make sure the roads are safe. and, a search right now for a suspect shot at by a homeowner. what officers found inside this auburn home while investigating. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. remembering the nashua teen who disappeared during friday night's storm. 16-year-old jacob goulet vanished while walking home, his body later found in the merrimack river in massachusetts. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. investigators believe he may have fell into an open storm drain. wmur's jean mackin is in nashua
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have so many questions about how and why jacob is gone. tonight they came to the spot where they lost him to celebrate his life. >> ? your memory will carry on, will carry on. ? jean: songs filled main street in nashua, an impromptu concert created by students. a tribute to their friend, 16-year-old jacob goulet. >> he wouldn't really want us to be upset. he'd want us to be happy. jean: the nashua high school north band member was found dead after disappearing from this spot while walking home friday night in heavy rain. the storm drain found open, now holds a memorial, and these students holding onto memories of jacob closely. >> he was on my bus, made people smile. he was a good kid. >> one of the big things with
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didn't know how to. jean: gregory knew jacob through the band. he says he's working on a song, a tribute to remember and celebrate the young musician. >> you want to remember the times you had, so we actually feel like he's here. you always want to think of the good things, be positive even to each other. you never know how fast they're going to go. i guess you're always going to jean: a memorial will be held on friday at 3:00 p.m. at nashua high school north. his family says instead of flowers, donations can be made in jacob's memory to the high school band. live in nashua, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: switching gears now to talk about the weather.
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flurries that even more is headed our way. chief meteorologist mike haddad is here with where and when the winter weather will start. mike: with the winter chill locked in place and clear skies above, we tracked the next system that's already showing signs of producing snow in portions of pennsylvania, new york state, and other parts of the great lakes. making a beeline right at new hampshire. clouds begin to move in for the morning commute, we will see on average clear skies and then the light rain will continue developing through the late afternoon. in western and northern new hampshire, cold enough for some light blue to show up on the radar scopes, and that means wet snow that could accumulate several inches in the higher
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to parts of southern and central new hampshire later tomorrow through friday. what follows for friday and the weekend? all of that is straight ahead. shelley: and as new hampshire braces for what is likely to be the first snow storm of this season, the department of transporation is gearing up to keep the roadways safe for drivers. wmur's suzanne roantree is in concord, where she spoke with transporation officials who say they are ready for whatever is coming our way. suzanne: officials with the department of transportation say th a storm that is forecast for tomorrow night. throughout the summer, dot has been stockpiling the 172,000 pounds of salt used in an average winter to treat 4600 miles of winter roadways. >> we spend much of the summer and fall months preparing by building you trucks, training employees, reviewing our winter snow and ice policy in the latest snow removal techniques and methods. suzanne: but october can be a tricky month for dot snow removal crews. last weekend nine crews already were out treating
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hampshire. >> the big challenge this time of the year is to make sure drivers are aware of changing conditions. if it's cold enough to snow, it 's cold enough to for the ground to freeze and for slippery type conditions. we all know that bridges freeze first, so people need to think that winter driving conditions are almost upon us. suzanne: and dot crews are up against the calendar as they try to finish up summer construction projects. >> everything from paving to paint striping, basic summer maintenance operations. example we cannot do overnight work went the temperatures drop down below certain temperatures. the same people that do winter maintenance do summer maintenance, so they will have to adjust to that. suzanne: every winter the dot tries to reduce the amount of salt it uses on the roads. >> it's a challenge because you want to keep the roads safe. but we have an improved calibration with our trucks, we
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technology improves every year and we try to adopt much of that. suzanne: boynton says while winter on the calendar is 3 months long, his crews typically deal with winter like conditions for about 6 months each year. >> is just one of those things where it's part of living in new england, and we are ready to go. suzanne: for any updates on the storm, keep it right here on shelley: facing dui charges after crashing into a utility pole. he was driving west on route four when he left the road and smashed into the fold. police say he had been drinking now call. police also arrested his passenger, saying he had prescription drugs that were not prescribed to him. reports of a confrontation
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search in an awkward neighborhood this afternoon. cherise leclerc is live in the studio with more on the discovery police made. >> police were initially called to the home after the homeowner fired shots at an intruder. while they may not have found that suspect. they did stumble upon something else. police did not find the intruder they were called to this wood hill drive home in auburn for. marijuana plants and several guns. >> there was a small marijuana grow found in the basement of the home. >> officers were seen combing through the woods and surrounding neighborhoods throughout the afternoon looking for the reported intruder that started the ordeal. >> we were sent here for an intruder in the home. there is a confrontation between the homeowner and someone who was inside his house. a gun shot was fired by the
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helicopter were used to track the suspect, he was spotted at one time but officers lost sight of him. police say they're looking for a white male, between 30-40-years-old with gray hair and a gray beard. >> the search continues with the aid of local officers in surrounding towns. we still have not found the suspect. cherise: that suspect may not be the only person in trouble, though. police say they'll apply for arrest warrants and drug charges could be coming to those living in the home. >> it will be sent to the county attorney's office for possible indictment and possible charges area -- charges. cherise: so far no arrests have been made in the case. police would not speculate as to whether the break-in was involved in the drug growing operation taking place inside the home. live in the studio cherise leclerc wmur news9. shelley: we're now getting a look at the preliminary numbers for this year's moose hunt. fish and game says that 52 hunters succeeded in the 9-day season. that equals a 72% success rate
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the moose hunt lottery. bald eagles in new hampshire and vermont produced a record number of young birds this year. here in new hampshire 56 pairs produced 51 eaglets, that's the highest number of newborn bald eagles ever documented, that's according to the new hampshire audubon society. this summer an estimate of 300-plus bald eagles were seen in the granite state. more than 100,000 vehicles recalled. co the vehicles subaru now says might catch fire. and, learning about the candidates for governor. the interesting facts you may not know about chris sununu and colin van ostern. mike: the next system moves in tomorrow with rain and snow. a look at the timeline plus what follows for the weekend. shelley: now to our ulocal hot shot. sunrise on the mountains outside plymouth.
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shelley: subaru is recalling more than 100,000 vehicles with turbocharged engines because they might catch on fire. the company says a relay controlling a secondary air injection pump can fail, causing the turbocharger air pump to run continuously, overheat and catch fire. the recall covers certain 2007 to 2009 legacy and outback vehicles.
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and certain 2009 to 2013 foresters. to commitment 2016 now, donald trump was back on the campaign trail today in north carolina. trump spoke at a rally in charlotte where he called for a tax holiday for inner city investment and new tax incentives to get foreign a companies to relocate to the u.s. during the rally he unveiled his new deal for black america and promised to provide safe communities. mr. trump: i've heard the concerns and i promise that under a trump administration, the law will be applied barely, equally, and without prejudice. shelley: this morning trump attended the grand opening of his new hotel in washington, d.c. meanwhile, hillary clinton spent her birthday on the campaign trail in the battleground state of florida. during an event in tampa clinton slammed trump on his wealth.
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old story. he relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. shelley: clinton campaigned with famed chef jose andres, who abandoned plans to open a restaurant in trump's new hotel because of trump's comments about immigrants. clinton's events in florida have focused on getting supporters to vote early. while they've been grabbing the headlines, new hampshire has a number of hotly contested down ballot matchups, including the race for governor. with a pair of youthful candidates, voters should get used to seeing these names.
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features a match-up of two of the youngest candidates in modern new hampshire political history. chris sununu is 41. colin van ostern 37. win or lose, they're likely to be long-term contenders in their parties. but the victor could be on a path to even higher office. sununu is the son of a former governor and the brother of a former u.s. congressman and senator. should he win on november 8 sununu would become an almost automatic front-runner for new hampshire's next u.s. senate race in 2020. but unlike his father in 1988 when he faced speculation about the role he would eventually play in the george h.w. bush administration. >> just a friend at the other end of the telephone. adam: the younger sununu isn't being coy. >> i don't anticipate running for another office ever again, to be honest. adam: van ostern's potential political future is even more intriguing. since 1978, 10 governors in the u.s. have won election in their 30's. five have gone on to run for president; a sixth formed an exploratory committee, and another is south carolina governor nikki haley, who's only in her 2nd term in office and has already dipped her toes into
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mitt romney in 2012. we asked van ostern in august about the possibility he could have his own washington ambitions. and, notably, he didn't rule anything out. >> it's nothing that is anywhere on my radar. adam: van ostern came to new hampshire to work in politics, and he's made it from john edwards' press office to within reach of the corner office. >> is governor the highest office you are going to run for? and clinton in 2016, but get used to their names. one or both of them could be on the ballot in new hampshire. for years to come. adam sexton, wmur news 9. shelley: candidates will face off next week in the granite state's right here on wmur. they begin on tuesday with the gubernatorial debate followed by
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if you'd like to submit a question that may be asked during our debates, head to the wmur facebook page right now, and leave a comment on the debate post. mike: this will probably be the coldest so far this season. it will set the stage for an interesting mix tomorrow night. right now, this is mainly northern new hampshire, some of the higher terrain to the west. central and southern new hampshire. at newfound lake we had a blend of clouds and sunshine, little on the breezy side and more like november that late october. jumping two or three weeks ahead in terms of how it felt today. look at where we are right now, subfreezing in just about all spots except like field, also in
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the mid-50's. typically the closer you get to the coast, the former it is in the better chance of seeing more rain with any system that moves in. late region point south and southeast, primarily rain when the next moves in but everyone should drop look reasoning from north to sell and from west the. new hampshire over the last several days and continues overhead for tomorrow and into friday before temperatures finally get back to average. now here comes the next system making a beeline right toward new york and eventually right over new hampshire for later tomorrow afternoon into early afternoon friday. squeezed in between now and then we will see fair skies with a few patchy clouds building by morning. then around midday, early afternoon, thickening clouds
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through the evening commute, even though it will be damp out there, no major hangups on the roads. if you're traveling in the higher terrain of the monadnock region, especially into the white mountains, that's where tomorrow evening will be a little dicey out there in the roads could be greased up with some wet snow mix in with the rain. the snow continues far north, later friday night system pulls away as we go into the afternoon. good news in terms of the rainfall or the drought, up to two inches not out of the question in many spots. we will not see an end to the drought but certainly a nice dent in the drought during tomorrow night into friday. in terms of snow, there could be
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-- there could be a coating in western new hampshire. keep in mind the great north woods could see as much as seven inches of snow, light or amounts as it traveled down towards berlin and lower amounts west of franconia notch into the upper valley. beyond that, temperatures begin to climb. wendy oid sun saturday and there could be an isolated shower. sunday there could be a late day shower. we will find tonight tomorrow. monday through wednesday we start cool and end up near 60 by the middle of next week. the mild temperatures are not done just yet. shelley: and looking pretty decent for halloween.
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basketball is back.
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jamie: tonight was the season opener for the boston celtics, hosting the brookly nets. the c's own the nets first round draft pick next june. so celts fans will be doing all season, what they were doing tonight. rooting for the green team, and rooting against the nets . first points of the season belong to jae crowr. c's a 2-0 lead. they will count on him to do big things this year. he scored 21. here is the new guy. al horford, the big free agent signing. knocks down a 3. 5-2 boston. 11 points for him. the nets could be in for a long season. not much star power. joe harris makes a 3 pointer here. 16 points. 2nd quarter. terry rozier with a 3. he will get a lot of the minutes that went to evan turner last year.
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the celts pulled away in the third. crowder creates a steal by isiah thomas, and then throws down a dunk on the other end. they were up by 10 points isiah thomas knocks down a 3. 25 points to lead all scorers. get this, the teams combined to take 76 3 point shots tonight. crazy the nets went on a late, 18-2 run. run. celts play at the chicago bulls square garden against the ny rangers. pick it up right from the opening puck drop. it took only 10 seconds for the bruins to get on the board. david pastrnak scores from brad marchand and zdeno chara. 1-0 boston,the b's were shut out last night. later in the first. austin czarnik with his first goal of the year. he was just called up from the providence bruins today. 2-0 after the first period 3 goals for the rangers in the 2nd period.
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by b's goalie zane mcintyre. they tied it up, then took a 3-2 lead into the 3rd period and it was just too easy for the rangers after that. outscored in little over 24 hours, bruins are at detroit saturday night. game two of the world series. top 1st, anthony rizzo lines one down the right field line. kris bryant somes around from first to score. and the cubs have their first world series ld 1, 1945. actor john cusack loves it. as you see right there. cubs starting pitcher jake arrietta he pitched a no hitter thru 5 and a third innings, finally broken up on this double by jason kipnis. the first world series victory for the cubs and 71 years. girls division 3 field hockey semifinals.
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shannon morin for the goal 1-0 in the the huskies star player second half, will tie it up. senior maddie ellnor, who will play at umass next year. division one college player. that was it into double ot pelham emily bevens game winner , she will be the hero in her school tomorrow. pelham wins in double overtime 2-1 victory. , in the other semifinal, gilford beat newfound 2-1,so gilford and pelham to play for the title tournament, division one memorial at londonderry this afternoon memorial mbambi mbunju puts it in front of the net and jordan trombly puts it in the net 1-0 londonderry will tie it up. jayden west good shot tries going high but connor page knocks it away. pulling off the mild upset. they advance to play #1 bedford on saturday. high school volleyball tonight
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the tomahawks win this one on their home court. 3-0. they feature a division-one college player. other winners in the prelims today were dover, exeter, bg, hollis brookline, and salem shelley: still to come tonight, the surprise one officer found inside this car when pulling the
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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shelley: expired tags led to a different kind of trouble for one driver in washington state. the officer who stopped that driver noticed that the baby in the back seat didn't look quite right. that's because it was actually a ball, with a baby hat on top. to faking the baby, in order to get in the carpool lane. so that's not a baby at all. it's a ball that looks like a baby. mike: people come up with all sorts of things. that is something else. no major issues tomorrow. elevations, little bit of snow. elevations, little bit of snow. the difference... always putting people first. maggie hassan helped
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innovation and education. the same approach maggie will take as us senator: a detailed plan to make college more affordable. lower cost prescription drugs for everyday families. and an approach to leadership that puts new hampshire families and small businesses ahead of the corporate special interests. that's maggie hassan. always has been. always will be. i'm maggie hassan
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